Reconnect After Interruption (e.g. Phone Call)

if a player's game gets interrupted (say, by getting a phone call or a text on an iPhone), is it possible to reconnect him and put him into his previous room and continue the game? i'm doing a 1-1 turn based game, so it is fairly easy to pause everything and wait for the disconnected player to reconnect, i just don't know how to:

1. reserve the room for the disconnected player so that other players can't join it, and
2. put the disconnected player back into the same room before the interruption.

thanks for your help in advance! :idea:


  • To reserver the room change the "open" property to "false" and to reconnect him keep somewhere the last joined room.
  • One correction: Use the isVisible property of the room. Not isOpen.
    The latter will not allow joins, the first just hides the room from the room listings and random joining, so as long as the client has the room's name it can join just fine.
  • Yep but he could Close the room then Open it when he has to reconnect him to.
  • that's perfect. thank you so much for your help!