switching to different rooms?


We're trying to have some form of room management for our game, and since we have a chatbox on our main menu, we need to connect to a room right when we start the client. When we do however, it seems like we cannot join any other room while connected to that room.
Is there some sort of procedure we need to go through first? I'd imagine we'd need to go back to the lobby for a short bit, then connect to a room from there.
I have no idea how we'd do that tho. Any clues? Is it possible to use the lobby as a loading screen perhaps? Or am I just missing something that makes changing rooms super easy?

Anyways, thanks in advance!


  • Tobias
    In the lobby (on the whole master server), communication is not allowed for performance reasons. We can put much more players on a mute master server and that makes matchmaking better, too.

    We usually forward players to rooms immediately and there they could communicate while they wait for others to join. It's more or less the same when you defined what you want to play and let others join your room instead of hanging out, then doing matchmaking just to play.
  • I believe my question was a bit vague, what I am trying right now is to have a seperate room where people can chat with each other, as well as select a game mode, and join a game room based on that game mode. However since people will be put into this chat room they cannot join a game room, unless the can somehow be redirected to the lobby, then join a game room from there.

    Is there a way to have players be redirected through the lobby, so I can then have them join a room based on what game mode they selected in the chat room? This is so we can have matchmaking in waves with an Elo system.
  • Tobias
    We currently don't have a redirect through lobby. You can leave a room, wait the seconds to get into the lobby, then join a room.
    You could join a room by name, so each player can do the same and end up together.