saving player data on a seperate server?


I've heard the photon cloud does not allow us to save player data. I don't know if this is even true or not, but if it is, would it be possible to send player data to our own server?

Thanks in advance!


  • Tobias
    Both is true: Photon Cloud does not offer data saving but you can combine it with other services that do.
    The Photon Server SDK enables you to run your own "Cloud like" servers while also adding persistence to it. It's a framework in C# to develop your own server functionality on top of our general workflow.
  • Ah okay, that is fine then, now the only problem we're having is making it all work with unityscript. Even after placing the plugins and utilityscripts folder in the root directory, we still get the "Unknown identifier: PhotonNetwork" error.
    Is there some sort of workaround for this yet, or do I have to convert all the scripts used for networking to C#?
  • Tobias
    Hm, that is odd. Once the plugins folder is in root, it should re-organize the projects and allow you to use PhotonNetwork from JS.
    Of course the JS code must not be in the plugins folder. ... ced29.html
  • FInally got back to this, reimported and tried again. now I still get an error, but a different one. "PhotonNetwork.networkingPeer is inaccesible due to its protection level"

    I guess I'd have to make it public, but if drag/dropping the plugins folder to root should be all there is to making it work, perhaps the problem lies elsewhere?

    I also found I have most of my scripts in the standard assets folder, does that cause problems? Since it compiles at the same time as the plugins folder.
  • Tobias
    The latter will be an issue, yes.
    The scripts in the "Standard Assets" folder compile at the same time as "Plugins" and when JS and C# compile at the same time, they can't use each other.

    I think we will make PhotonNetwork.networkingPeer public in a next release. I didn't realize how many users are trying to access it via JS, which is in another project.
    On the other hand: Why do you need networkingPeer??
  • Ah, we've been able to fix things by importing things like in this video, and moving our scripts away from standard assets:

    I'm not entirely sure what we need networkingPeer for, as we've only just started using photon, and haven't really explored all it has to offer yet (We're making our first online multiplayer too, so we're not too familiar with all the network things in general).
    I do believe we've left it as it was, and we get no errors anymore following the tutorial in that video.
    I don't think we're actually using it anywhere yet, so things might still pop up afterwards, but if not, there might be no need to make it public?
  • Tobias
    Ok, good to read you are now successfully using PUN with JS.
    Also good to know that the networkingPeer is not actually needed in your case. If we can keep that and internal, the class and it's ancestors can stay internal too, which streamlines the documentation considerably (internal classes are skipped from the doc and considered "used by PUN internally").