Can't Unzip Build Android NDK

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Errors while unzipping, tells me it can't figure out certain files, see attached images for sample files, there are tons of these it can't figure out, I tried WinZip, Windows Decompress and neither one can decompress. Any Suggestions? Trying to get this client to work on my Android.


  • Nevermind, found a solution, created a folder called "A" on my hard drive and extracted to that folder and it worked, looks like the file names are so exceedingly long that windows has a fit.
  • Yes, this is a known issue: doxygen, which is used to create the documentation, tends to create quite long file names which can easily be about or even over 100 characters long and Windows restricts the max path length to 255 characters.
    When you now extract the zip to C:\Users\JBWOOD\Downloads\ExitGames\April like in your screenshots, then the overall pathname to some of the files in the OS X docset format version of the doc will be C:\Users\JBWOOD\Downloads\ExitGames\April\Photon-AndroidNDK_v3-2-1-1_SDK\Photon-AndroidNDK_v3-2-1-1_SDK\doc\cpp\com.exitgames.photon.client.cpp.docset\Contents\Resources\Documents\search, which is 187 characters, leaving only 68 characters for the filename, too few for some of the filenames.
    However the .docset version of the doc normally isn't of interest for Windows users, which would either use the .chm or the .html version, so you should be fine with ignoring those skipped files.
  • This behavior should be improved with the next release as we have now set doxygen to use shorter filenames.
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