missing monobehavior in DemoSynchronization-Scene?

Just imported PUN v1.19 (14. March 2013) from the asset store and in the scene "DemoSynchronization-Scene" the object "CubeInterpo" has a missing script. Anything important or not worth worrying about?


  • if it helps here's a screenshot of the missing script
  • Ow, right.
    That script was in a folder that isn't included in the Asset Store package.
    It's attached to this post and I'll update the PUN package asap.
  • I uploaded 1.19.3 with this and some other minor fixes. I am unsure if it downloads correctly (the last update had an issue) but maybe you give it a try.
    Thanks for the heads up. I'll stay on topic for that.
  • Thanks Tobias I can see the script in 1.19.3 cheers.