JoinRandomRoom not respecting game version?

According to the documentation the parameter to the PhotonNetwork.ConnectUsingSettings should separate users by game version, but when I test this with two different clients connecting using two different game versions, and using the PhotonNetwork.JoinRandomRoom method, it'll join a room that was created by the other client using a different game version.

I'm using a self hosted server, but wouldn't expect that to make any difference?


  • Tobias
    In self hosted servers, this actually makes a difference, I'm sorry to say.

    To simplify the source we hand out with the SDK, the LoadBalancing code does not include the "virtual app" logic we run in the Photon Cloud. That part is responsible to create the apps by game version (and appID).

    I don't know if we could simply hand out the virtual app code in a upcoming SDK.
    How important is that feature for you? Got to talk to my colleagues about it.
  • It's not very important as I can just use the custom properties of rooms to fix this, but it's confusing as it's not mentioned in the docs.