[SOLVED]PhotonViewID and creating primitives in multiplayer

Hi, I'm trying to create a primitive, then assign it PhotonView so that all players can see it and interact with it. I found this: http://doc.exitgames.com/photon-cloud/PUNvsUN/ , however, Unity complains that `PhotonViewID' could not be found. Am I missing something? Couldn't find any answers on search.



  • Looking at the return value of AllocateViewID as int, I typed it as "int" instead of "PhotonViewID" and the error went away.. many more errors though, will try to work through them and post another question then. :^]
  • Tobias
    The switch from PhotonViewID to a (much simpler to handle) int is relatively new.
    I'll update the doc. Thanks for pointing me to it and sorry for the inconvenience.