Urgent: Adobe AIR support

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hello, i am developing an Adobe AIR mobile game and we would like to use Photon Cloud support for real-time cross-platform (iOS and Android) play. Does the current Flash SDK work in Adobe AIR for mobile?


  • It should work but we didn't test it.
  • thanks for the reply vadim, we are getting frequent connection failures and i'm not sure if its something to be expected or maybe we are missing something in our code to keep the server from dropping us
  • Peer keeps connection to server automatically sending pings every sec. You do not have to do something special after 'connect' call.

    By default LoadBalancingClient disconnects from master server before starting connection to game server. You can change this by passing true to LoadBalancingClient.connect method.

    Do demos packaged with SDK fail connection for you too? Or it's only the case with your app?
  • hi vadim, i think its extra apparent in our app somehow, i have some other developers looking at it. the app is supposed to work over mobile 3G/LTE data connection (not only wifi) so i'm not sure if that's what is causing the issue