Photon Cloud and Automatic Disconnects and SentCountAllowanc

So I have a mobile game using the Photon Cloud. I am having problems with lower end Android devices disconnecting a lot. Is it possible to set/increase the SentCountAllowance or DisconnectTimeout?? Is that something that would help the lower end devices stay connected? What else could I look into?



  • The main to look into is to not overutilize their CPU this much.
    When the cpu is overused, then it will no longer be able to keep up with the networking.

    that being said: anything Unity runs on should normally not have such problems unless the game was written very mobile unfriendly. I would normally suspect it to be more related to the handset itself and its general connectivity.
  • This page shows how to analyze (and avoid) disconnects: ... isconnects

    As Dreamora says, one of the goals is to have a relatively constant framerate and in that, our networking should run fine.
    If all else fails, you might want to optimize network traffic to be the lowest you can think of. That improves things in most cases, too.