Photon Cloud: Rooms visible across all region servers?

Are room lists local to the photon cloud regional servers, or global? In other words, if one user is connected to the US server, and creates a room, and another user connects via the EU server, will this second user be able to "see" the room created by the first user?


  • Tobias
    The regions are fully separated from each other. If you want "global" matches, you need to pick one region for players to use (you can let the player choose "regional" or "global" matchmaking, eg.).
  • Kaiserludi
    You could also let your app start one peer for every region and then aggregate the roomlists of all peers to a single big one for displaying.

    Could even looks like this:

    US (show ping to cloud-us here):
    - roomname 1
    - roomname 2
    - roomname 3
    EU (show ping to cloud-eu here):
    - roomname a
    - roomname b
    - roomname c
    Asia (show ping to cloud-asia here):
    - roomname A
    - roomname B
    - roomname C

    Then just use the peer, who is connected to the same region like the game that your player wants to join. You can show some colored symbols or something like that to highlight good and bad pings, so that players are aware, that in someregions the lag will be bigger than in others so that they can decide, which regiions and pings are still acceptpable for them and which are not.

    The downside of this approach is, that your client will need one CCU per region.
  • Thanks for clarifying!