10 players in room, peaks of 800-900 messages per second

Hello! I've purchased some days ago the basic 100 ccu pack, I was tracking the statistics today and I saw these huge peaks. My game is a spell-based game, where you have to synchronize several things.

My question is. If in future the game keeps this ratio of messages per room, would you close the server or could we hire a more personalized plan for our needs? I read messages per room are only informative but I want to be sure because our rooms are limited to 14 players/room right now.

Many thanks :)


  • dreamora
    It was mentioned that you would get a mail in case of excessive overuse, which at 800+ messages per second would be the case.
    But you wouldn't get shut down directly.

    For negotiations on custom quotas I think you best contact the support through mail directly as these kind of things are case to case based
  • i have had an JS app which was not sharing similar operations with Lite app of photon and I was going to use PhotonPeer() , not the Lite() extension.
    But as many others here I ran into problem that both of them are tied to each other, so I took a look into sources and fixed that one.
    So, while PhotonPeer api is still in beta you can use my fixed version. Also you are welcome to add your own fixes.
  • Tobias
    Zido: Like Dreamora said, we would not shut down your game but get in contact and find a solution. That might be a special subscription plan or help on improving your game. Either way: We will never simply shut down games.

    rahul12: Err. I don't get it. Are you sure you are up to date?