PUN slow

I'm finding the Photon plugin far slower than the inbuilt unity code. There's a visible delay between collisions and objects disappearing. Is there any way to speed photon up? (I'm testing with the cloud atm)


  • dreamora
    I would assume that you by error have the unity server running on your machine for this test.
    If you move that to a VPS or alike so you get proper latency, you will actually see the same thing happen.

    Thats what lag handling, client side prediction and similar network programming techniques are meant to handle and cover so there is a delay but not a direct impact on experience normally.

    Should you see a massive delay then you potentially are just connected to the wrong photon cloud (there is asia, europe and US and depending on your location that can make differences in the 500ms range if you go to the wrong one / the default one and aren't in europe)