After Leave a Game, Player is unable to join any game.


I am using latest Pun2 and Unity as the game engine.

I am developing a game where players can match-make with random users, using PhotonNetwork.JoinRandomRoom()

Once Player found and joined a room, Player can also opt to leave the room, using PhotonNetwork.LeaveRoom()

However, I notice, once the player left the room, the player is unable to find the same room again, or any others room. The player needs to disconnect, reconnect to the same region and then is able to join the same room.

Q1. I wonder, is this an intended behaviour?

Q2. If this is the intended behaviour (which is quite weird to me i think), is there any workaround such that, when player leave the room, the player is able to find the room again?

Following is the scenario for better visualization:

  1. Player-1 connects to a region, hosted a room. (Room name: r-123)
  2. Player-2 connects to same region, using PhotonNetwork.JoinRandomRoom(), joined Player-1's room (r-123)
  3. Player-2 selects leave room PhotonNetwork.LeaveRoom. 
  4. Player-2 tries to find room again using PhotonNetwork.JoinRandomRoom(), however, Player-2 is unable to find Player-1 room (r-123)
  5. Player-2 needs to disconnect from server, reconnect to the same region, then can find Player-1 game, r-123.