Host receives data in editor, but not in the build

edited July 2023 in Fusion


The problem:

I am using Photon Fusion ver.1.1.7 and Unity 2021.3.11f.

Client sends a "request" from BasicSpawner OnInput by changing boolean and host receives it. After host received it - he get random number and sends rpc call that returns back to client and applies received data.

1) I am not sure, if this is the best way to send request from client to host.

2) It works, if host switched on in editor, but it doesn't work from build.

Upd. solved, the issues were:

1) On host's version of client script (script name: RpcSample) in FixedUpdateNetwork I took list of "players" from spawner (it was saved during spawning), I found host and sent RPC from its script RpcSample.

2) I will post script after 4.08.2023