Why? Help 60 sec and out!


Hello. I'm desperate.

In my game, I connect to photon, connect to lobby, create a room and enter it. Everything correct and with the correct logs.

When I do it in "editor", the player stays without problems. As long as it takes, without errors.

When I do it in "standalone build" (windows) the player quits the server after approximately 60 seconds.

I have seen examples, tutorials, external code, videos on youtube and I GET NOTHING.

Please help!!!

Unity version 2021.3.27f

Photon Pun 2.42


  • Luis

    more information.

    I have created a log. Both in "editor" mode and in "build" mode, the connection to photon and room occurs.

    When they enter the scene, the PHOTONVIEW data is this:

    1001 1 True #01 'Admin' ab117f6b-324b-42fa-ba08-d9b4868466fd 2023/15/06 22:33:50.311

    (IDVIEW, number, ismaster, nick, code and date)

    And this is the other player's log:

    2001 2 False #02 'Admineditor' adae47d4-eb97-4f4e-bd56-c78bb7cbf67f 2023/15/06 22:35:08.776

    It seems that both are perfectly identified, but they do not appear on the scene together. And, as I say, the one in "build" closes after 60 seconds (now longer because I've raised the keepalive value...)

    What I don't know either is if I'm going to get some kind of response, but not for not trying.