Need help for loading a scene with both player in.

Hello, i am using Photon PUN 2 free and i have some issue with it (also i am a debutant in multiplayer). So everything works fine at the start both player can connect on the server and are tp on the hub where they can play with each other. But my problem is when the player want to do the level 1 i used "PhotonNetwork.AutomaticallySyncScene = true;" to tp both player and it is loading the scene "level 1" simultaneously for both player but they are not in the same scene it is loading level 1 for player 1 and another level 1 for player 2 so they are not both in the same scene but in two different scene.

my code to tp is this:

it detects if the player is in the zone if he is and press "F" and if he is the master client it will load the level. Could you help me please to figure out how can i tp both player to the same scene.