Please opensource photon sdk in github


At least all free unitypackage SDK should be released in github

It would serve at least 2 great benefit

  • Easier to maintain and change some SDK functionality as git repo for everyone working with photon. We can also see update and changelog in SDK as source code changed directly
  • Unity has git UPM system and we should import photon sdk into unity that way. It could also help photon separate SDK into modules similar to firebase sdk


  • Tobias

    At the moment, we don't plan to put the source on a public github, sorry.

    What is planned (but coming along awfully slowly due to low prio) is that we support the UPM with a more modular approach. We'd like that but due to how each project uses parts of others, this is a bit complex to get going. Can't promise anything at the moment but noted the interest.

    Which SDKs do you use?