Is Fusion really server based or p2p ?

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Hello im planning on using Photon Fusion for our game.

I saw multiple videos about host migration with fusion, isnt fusion server based ?

Why would you need a host migration in fusion if its server based ?

Im confused and kinda putt of by the thought that fusion might be using peer 2 peer but still charging so much money.


  • I can help out here. Fusion is versatile and will run in several configurations.

    In the kind you're referencing, if you have a match with several players, one of them is determined to be the host and the rest are clients. The host is acting as both a server (for the other clients) and as a client, displaying the game for the local player. So in this scenario if the host player crashes, then either the match ends or else the host duties have to be migrated to another player in that match. Fusion can assist with this situation.

    Alternatively, you could build a dedicated server model. Here you would do something like have a cloud service provider host your game. Then your servers are always authoritative and act as hosts for every match. You would need to set up this type of game hosting separately from Fusion.