Rooms dont work


I tried to make my game working with photon but it didnt work. Now for testing i made a new project with just the photon asset from the assetstore and opend the demoworker scene. But even the demoworker scene doenst work.

When i got 2 clients in the lobby, i see "Players: 2 Players on Master: 2 Games: 0" but when i make a room with 1 client the other sees "Players 1 Players on Master 1 Games 0" and the room also isnt in the room listing.

I just use the photon cloud


  • I would like to see that.
    I'll PM you my contact.
  • Just to update others: This is now solved.

    It seems to be a problem when the AppId in the PhotonServerSettings.asset starts with a space " ". This will be avoided in upcoming released but if you create rooms and they don't show up for other clients, check this in PUN 1.17 and lower.