Local Player is Good but the Remote Players are Erratic


I bring up the first scene with player “Summer” and run through lobby stuff and the room stuff and start the game. All looks fine the player movement of summer is perfect. All is well in the Unity Editor

Run a second instance of the game outside of unity with a platform build.

The new scene show two players - “Summer” and now “Bob”.  The initial scene/instance player “Summer” jumps straight up but comes back down. "Bob" is ok.

Go back to Unity. The original character “Summer” looks good but the new Player ”Bob” is very jittery.

When is collide the original player “Summer” into the new player “Bob” - the new Player

- "Bob" jumps all over the place.

They both have a “happy idle” animation running.

On The surface - it seem the locally created character looks good but the non-local character is behaving erratic.

First thought was the input system attached. I don’ t think that is it.

I think, I am not sync properly. Is my guess.

Even some idea on where to start looking would be helpful.

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