Quite Urgent! Need some help with the "Warning: RPC-list is full!" Error


I'm working on a big update for my game "Rogue Glitch" and just exceeded 255 Rpcs.

I really don't want to go back and reduce the Rpc count, the game doesn't cause a lot of traffic so changing the Rpc index to a short would be better for me.

I did some searching but didn't find much information.

Some guidelines on where i have to change something the in the Pun source would be very helpful! I'm using v1.105, and there is no way i can upgrade, since the project is so big and old.

Only changing this line to short isn't the correct solution, or is it?

Thank you!


if (additionalRpcs.Count + PhotonNetwork.PhotonServerSettings.RpcList.Count >= short.MaxValue)


      if (allRpcs.Count <= short.MaxValue)


You have to search the Pun source code for "LIMITS RPC COUNT"! It's actually easy to find everything you need to change.

I thought we were supposed to google "LIMITS RPC COUNT" xD