ChatState continuously goes to Disconnected, chatClient.DisconnectedCause is always None

edited December 2022 in Photon Chat

I've got my ChatClient set up and working (most of the time). It connects with the following code:

chatClient.Connect(PhotonNetwork.PhotonServerSettings.AppSettings.AppIdChat, PhotonNetwork.AppVersion, new AuthenticationValues(photonId));

I listen to OnChatStateChange(ChatState state) to see what's going on. However sometimes the first state I hear back is "Disconnected", and the DisconnectedCause is always None. I have logic that rejoins on Disconnect, but even with that logic sometimes it just permanently goes to "Disconnected", with "chatClientdisconnectedCause" = "None" no matter how many times I try. Other times it works.

I haven't seen anything online about this, does anyone have any ideas?