Max Bandwidth?

Hello, I've got a voice chat system in a Photon Cloud-based game. This system on average generates 5kB per second while recording/sending (user has to hold the H key to talk). When not recording, the game generates around 70-100 bytes per second in player movement/actions/chat.
Recently I've been getting randomly disconnected from rooms, in the log file I see a bunch of 'Can't leave room when disconnected' errors. Could this be due to overloading the game server with voice data? Should I offload this into it's own networking system/separate servers?
This is a pretty important thing I'd like to solve, players aren't happy with getting randomly booted out of the game.


  • Its not related to room just at some part of day players get dropped from cloud server.
  • photon cloud is 300msg / room / s

    so your voice chat has a good chance of exceeding the limit especially with games that normally tend to use voice chat

    The disconnect you get to see though would more likely be the consequence of exceeding the bandwidth of your own connection with the queue filling up too far or related to a bug recently fixed if you aren't on the newest version
  • its not room related at night works fine at day drop occurs in random rooms where voice chat disabled
  • In how many packages are the 5kB of one second sent? How many players are active in a room?
    Can you send us a repro case to:
  • You could also check the messages in and out and traffic stats for your game with our TrafficStatsGui: ... working%29

    Please reset the stats when the game really starts (2 players, starting to talk).
    I am interested what's your ping, too. In best case, simply use the "To Log" button and copy+paste the output to a mail or here. One or several times...