Is there a soft/hard maximum to the number of concurrent PV streams subscribed to?

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Hello folks!

I'm looking into using PV by itself with UE4. While we won't have more than 10 people in the same room at first, this number will rise in the future. I intend on using Interest Groups to limit who a person can hear, but there may be situations where there are concentrations of players in one place. 50 isn't impossible.

1) From what I can tell, there is no limit to the number of concurrent voice streams being sent to a client, and that it's really a matter of whether the client connection can handle that. Is this generally true? Assuming that isn't a problem for the sake of argument, are there any soft limits beyond which the quality of service will degrade?

2) On the Photon website, there is no separate pricing for Photon Voice by itself. If we aren't using Photon's game room backend, and just using voice, does that change pricing at all?


  • Hi,

    1) There is no formal limit on the number of streams in a voice room but of course you may encounter a hardware or network limit.

    To reduce the amount of incoming streams per client to a reasonable value, you can use VAD (pausing the stream if the player is not speaking) and interest groups switched by proximity.

    2) When using voice, you are still in a Photon's game room, so the pricing is the same.