[(auto)solved] How to link local Recorder to local Speaker?

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I'm trying to implement LipSync to my app. I have a VR app and a PC app.

The basic use case work well:

I have a PhotonVoiceView that connects a Recorder to a Speaker and the Speaker is next to my lip sync system : the remote avatar has its lips synched : that's perfect

-BUT- the PC version sees its own avatar, so I need to also link the PC local Recorder to its local avatar Speaker as well. I just need the data to be sent to the system, I don't need to actually hear any audio.

..And I don't know how to achieve this.

Using the basic Unity way would interfere with the Photon system since it uses static methods without any 'Player' instanced..

From what I see the link can only be done by going through a server : Am I correct?

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NB: I use SALSA/Amplitude for the lip sync system.


  • I managed to do it :)

    I used the Processor system to copy the buffer directly into an UnityAudioOut.

    in order to avoid hearing ourselves twice, I use a MixerGroup to attenuate the voice -80dB so Amplitude can still get the data.

    If this interrests anyone, I upload the code to place next to the Recorder component.

    Another script must do the linking to the wanted audiosource.

    Best :)