Mic Issue: Frequent reports of users mics cutting out on Quest

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We are getting frequent reports of users microphones cutting in and out. It appears all most of the reports are coming from Quest 1 and 2 but not a100% it isn't impacting our over VR platforms. Most users are able to resolve the issue by toggling their own in game mute button. Which toggles the isRecoring value in the Recorder class.

if (isMuted) recorder.IsRecording = true;

else recorder.IsRecording = false;

Occasionally only a full headset restart will resolve the issue.

We are using Photon Voice V 2.22.2

Any insights on this would be greatly appreciated.


  • You Voice version is 2 years old. So it might be that the bug is already fixed. Please update to at least 2.31 or better upgrade to the latest 2.50 (you may need to make some changes to your code).

  • Have these reports started recently? We're observing a similar problem which was first reported and reproduced by our engineering team on Oct 18th. There have been no changes in our codebase which relate in any way to Photon Voice, and it appears to us that the problems lie on the Photon Voice server side.

    We have observed that any user (not necessarily the user whose audio has dropped from the mix) leaving and rejoining restores the audio from the affected user; this suggests to us a problem in the Photon Voice multiplexer on the server.

    We're observing it much more frequently with Android (Quest) users, but we have observed it also in Windows users.

    More details on our observations: https://forum.photonengine.com/discussion/21217/new-pattern-of-dropouts-during-calls#latest

  • We had seen similar issues about 6 months ago from a smaller group of users reporting it. But it went away and we had made no code changes around it. About a month ago we saw a big uptick in user reporting the issue and the last week has been particularly bad. We haven't made any changes in the code or our setup.

    The user that seem to have the issue will experience multiple times for a play session but then it will seem to go away for them.

  • Yes merging this over to https://forum.photonengine.com/discussion/21217/new-pattern-of-dropouts-during-calls#latest

    For clarity, this is a shipped game and we've avoided updating Photon Voice because we don't want to break backwards compatibility or introduce potential new bugs into a stable system. Voice had been stable until recently and there are no known changes on our end.

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    I updated the other thread about this.

    In terms of old Voice versions: We've been improving memory usage in Voice and the lower level APIs throughout the year. Updating Voice should have various benefits and it's good to not fall behind.

    Closing this one to merge/join the discussion.

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