FIXED - Suddenly Pun is taking ~1 minute to connect (usually 3 secs)

UPDATE - this seemed to have resolved itself overnight, I think when I tested it on my laptop the issue had already been resolved. Thanks to whoever did it! <3

Since yesterday morning my PUN game has taken about a minute to connect, I get the following debug logs when connecting via PhotonNetwork.ConnectUsingSettings()

Please note:

  • I have not changed ANY of the networking code, just models/prefabs, etc.
  • I checked out a week-old branch and the error still appeared (even though this problem only arose yesterday, I was always testing the connection frequently via playing the app).
  • It seems to fail with UDP then revert to TCP. So I went into my photon network settigns file and chose TCP instead of UDP, but the same thing happens, it just takes about a minute either way.
  • My port (in photon network settings) is and always has been 0, from a tutorial I followed, and it was working for a couple months fine.
  • This is on the 'au' (Australian) servers.


I just tried it on another PC I own, same local network at home, and it connects in 3 seconds, looking at the photon logs it connects via udp right away no issue.... So looks like it's an issue on my main PC. I haven't updated windows or changed any firewall settings though?


IPhotonSocket.Connect() this.Protocol: Udp

SendOutgoingCommands ignored socket is not connected. pid:65535

SendOutgoingCommands ignored socket is not connected. pid:65535 resolved to 2 address(es): <ADDRESS HERE, secret> (InterNetworkV6(23)), (InterNetwork(2))

Resending: CMD(2 ch#/sq#/usq#: 255/1/0 r#/st/tt:1/96/10096). times out after: 220 sent: 96 now: 336 rtt/var: 200/5 last recv: 336

Several of these....

Resending: CMD(2 ch#/sq#/usq#: 255/1/0 r#/st/tt:7/3921/10096). times out after: 3520 sent: 3921 now: 7466 rtt/var: 200/5 last recv: 7466

Timeout-disconnect! Command: CMD(2 ch#/sq#/usq#: 255/1/0 r#/st/tt:8/7466/10096) now: 14539 challenge: 36074f7e


SocketTcp, .Net, Unity.

IPhotonSocket.Connect() this.Protocol: Tcp resolved to 2 address(es): <ADDRESS HERE, secret> (InterNetworkV6(23)), (InterNetwork(2))

SocketException catched: System.Net.Sockets.SocketException (0x80004005): A connection attempt failed because the connected party did not properly respond after a period of time, or established connection failed because connected host has failed to respond.

Any ideas?