Looking into Photon for turn based multiplayer

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I am a wargame developer looking for solutions to a multiplayer system.

My games are turn based with 2+ players.

I didn't get enough information from the website on how this works and if it will work for me. The pricing extra.

What I can say is that usually 100-200 games are running at once with the current system

The save files are at most 5mb

At worst each game on average exchanges ~4 turns per day for a total of 10mb x 200 games running at once = 2gb a day of data transfer at most. It can be as low as 1gb as I expect my save files to be smaller as I am coding a new save game system.

Where can I be directed to see if Photon is right for my game?

My games are created in Unity3d and I have zero coding experience for this kind of application. Currently I have a PBEM system setup with my publisher I got to work by figuring it out but I don't fully understand how APIs and exchanges on a cloud system work.



  • I found the links.

    Fusion with 50c per gig. I estimate ~$150 a month with the games I need.

    But I still need answered the turn based solution