Using PUN w/UDP and PhotonNetwork.InRoom Is Returning False

Howdy howdy,

We are using Photon for an RTS game. We have used "Photon.Network.InRoom" and "PhotonNetwork.CurrentRoom.Players" API for various logic in our lockstep implementation. For example to determine who is still in the game and with whom to compare tick checksums.

After doing a fair amount of debugging I've found that PhotonNetwork.InRoom is returning false randomly during our matches. I suspect also that Photon.CurrentRoom is returning null occasionally as well (for a single tick mid game).

What would cause this scenario? Is it related to UDP and a short lived timeout? Is there something that we can do to work around this? It seems that the callbacks may also not be firing, though we don't use them everywhere.

Also, if you can please confirm that simply checking "UDP" in Unity for PhotonServerSettings object is all that is necessary. I've read the docs and am under the impression this will be Reliable UDP by default.

Any recommendations are appreciated,