When player is logged in from guest account he is not seen online in other's friendlist.

I have a simple friendlist system . I have used playfab and photon . when i logged in from guest account then that player is not seen online from other's friend list . How can i fix it ?


  • Tobias
    Tobias admin

    You would need to get the (temporary?!) userID for said guest account. Without knowing it, you can't find the player.

  • @Tobias How can I assign temporary userid for guest account and make it permanent when user link account

  • Tobias
    Tobias admin
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    That depends on your account system, I'd say. This is not something we cover, sorry.

    Maybe use a GUID for the guest, store it on device. When they register on your account backend, use this as ID?

  • @Tobias When does player get the teams and team member information like (which team has how may player , which player is in which team etc ) ? ( After player joins the room or player join the team ?)

  • You have to get into a room to join teams. So after a team was joined.

    This is described in the code comments but I guess you may need to log these cases for clarity.

  • @Tobias

    I want to join the recently joined player to appropriate team (team which doesn't have max player) . How can I implement it ?

  • You could use PunTeams as basis, maybe. This is a script included in PUN 2 and it is explained by code-comments. So .. check out it's code and try to understand it. This should explain how to assign someone to a team.