Game Peer Timeout Error during active gameplay


Hi Team,

We have been working on a multiplayer gameplay implementation in Playcanvas using Photon Engine, we are currently getting the Game Peer Timeout Error after 40 minutes of active gameplay during multiplayer usage, could you let me know if there any limit provided for active gameplay so that we can have a seamless experience


  • vadim

    There is no limit for game session duration.

    Does this happen exactly after 40 minutes of gameplay or is it an average with some variance?

    Random disconnects may happen sometimes. Handle disconnect and use rejoin to get back into the game quickly.

  • Sripal

    Hi vadim,

    The duration was varying.

    reconnectAndRejoin method on game server errors (GameConnectClosed:2003 & GameTimeout: 2004).

    For a single player trying to rejoin where emptyRoomLiveTime is -1 and suspendedPlayerLiveTime is -1, I am getting the message 'Game does not exist' even though the method reconnectAndRejoin was returning true. So does this error mean that the room is closed or can we reconnect to it.

    Could you help me understand the issue here.

  • vadim
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    A player can rejoin only during suspendedPlayerLiveTime since it left. After this time, the player will be removed from the room. You can join an empty room only during emptyRoomLiveTime since the last player left the room. Both parameters are 0 in your case, so it's not possible to rejoin.