Help getting an old Photon Project working


Hi, this is a bit of an unusual question but I'm not sure where else to post this. About 4 years ago, I worked on a First Person Shooter game in Unity, and I used Photon to give the game multiplayer. The way it worked was that the first client that was launched would become the host, and any client that was launched after that would connect to the host and a game would start. There was no way for the game to start until two players were connected.

Fast forward to today, I haven't touched this project in 4 years and I think that I lost the actual project files themselves. However, I found the compiled game in an old drive and was curious to try and check it out. The problem is, no matter how many clients I launch, they all just say "PeerCreated" but no match ever actually starts. I've noticed that in the output_log.txt file that gets created after running the game, the line "The appId this client sent is unknown on the server (Cloud). Check settings. If using the Cloud, check account." is shown. I feel like this is probably the source of my problem, as the game is probably unable to create a host session or something.

Does anyone know if there is any way to go about debugging this error without having access to the actual Unity Project files for this game? I would really love to be able to check it out again, but nothing will launch unless two clients are connected to one another.


  • Markus


    sorry, but without access to the sources this will be rather pointless to dig into I am afraid.