Don't want bullets buffered

Hi everyone,

Photon Cloud is awesome!

I'm still trying to comprehend its awesomeness which leaves me with a problem.
When a user presses the "fire" button, I use photonnetwork.instantiate with my bullet prefab(a prefab that contains a sphere and adds force at the start, then destroys after a few seconds). This works great, until a player joins the game at a later point at which time the player sees all of the bullets ever fired. Am I doing something incredibly dumb? For the life of me I can't seem to solve this problem. Thanks again, any information is greatly appreciated.



  • 2Kin2Kin
    edited September 2012
    PhotonNetwork.Instantiate shouldn't be used for temporary objects.
    For spawning bullets, you may call a RPC wich Instantiate the bullets the regular way, or pass the state of the fire button during OnPhotonSerialize and then Instantiate your bullets at the rate of the weapon in Update.
    Look at my answer in this topic for more precisions about the RPC's solution :
  • Awesome, thank you for the response
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