"Engine rumble" sound after muting player

Hi all,

So we're working at the moment with Photon Voice and first of all, I would like to say it's amazing how easy it is to implement Photon Voice into our Photon Fusion game.

But now we're encountering an issue we, unfortunately, have not been able to reproduce after the issue. I can tell you that we were in a session with approx. 6 players at that time.

A video has been made of the issue and I'm hoping that someone can help me with this issue: https://nextcloud.maartenbraaksma.nl/s/YrDy2dpfLHSWcae

Thanks in advance!


  • Tobias
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    I asked my colleagues to chime in. We'll look into it. Disclaimer: The day is almost over in CEST and we've got a bank holiday tomorrow. It may take a few days.

    If you encounter this again, try to analyzed what just happened before and if there is some kind of situation that triggers it. We could use repro ideas.

    Could you figure out which user's speaker plays this noise and which platforms the recorder and speaker are on?

  • Hey Tobias, thanks for answering.

    The user that stopped transmitting audio played that noise. (In other words, whenever the game paused or the user muted themselves)

    So if one user muted their microphone, all the other users would hear that "engine rumble" sound.

    If we would mute the user and that user would then pause the game, you would not hear it. But that's because the AudioSource has been muted, haha.

    All the users in the video were on the Oculus Quest and Oculus Quest 2.

  • Hi,

    How do you mute the microphone exactly? You said that pausing the game has the same result. How do you pause? Do I understand correctly that muting and pausing at the same time prevents the rumble?

    Can you reproduce this in editor or any other platform?

  • DoubleNtertainment
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    Hey Vadim!

    How do you mute the microphone exactly?

    When a player mutes themselves, we use these lines of code:

            VoiceConnection voiceConnection = FindObjectOfType<VoiceConnection>();

            if (voiceConnection)

              voiceConnection.PrimaryRecorder.TransmitEnabled = !muted;

    When a player wants to mute another player, we stop the VoiceNetworkObject playback and disable the component after that.

    You said that pausing the game has the same result. How do you pause?

    The game can be paused whenever the player is taking off their Quest HMD or is going to the Oculus menu. This happens naturally by default Unity settings.

    Do I understand correctly that muting and pausing at the same time prevents the rumble?

    Hmmm, not really. The only time you don't hear the rumble is whenever you as a player mute that person that's causing the rumble.

    So after you've muted that person and that person is taking off their HMD or pauses the game in some other way, you won't hear the rumble.

    Can you reproduce this in editor or any other platform?

    Although I really would love to be able to reproduce it for you, unfortunately, we haven't been able to reproduce it since.

    The next time it happens, we will definitely make some notes and even send you the log if possible!

  • DoubleNtertainment
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    Hey guys, an update here. We've done another test session and I have to correct some notes I've mentioned before.

    • It's not when you're muting the person you'll hear the rumbling sound, but when you're unmuting the person. It however still happens with the same technique as muting.
    • Unmuting yourself does not result in the rumbling issue.
    • The issue also appeared when there were 2 people in one Photon Voice session. The already joined user as well as the user that was joining heard the noise.

    Then we have some additions since our last test:

    • When joining another Photon Voice session, it still happens.
    • Regarding reproduction - we've started with 6 people.
  • Tobias
    Tobias admin

    I can't open the video link (anymore?!). The certificate for the page is not correct and neither Firefox not Edge like that.

  • Oh dear. I'll upload it to my Drive. Then you'll be able to see it.

  • Hi guys,

    sorry for longer response time, I've tried in our examples, what you've described, and never run into this issue.. Tried pausing/unpausing by taking down the headset, muting the other player by disabling his AudioSource component, muting myself by TransmitEnabled=false..

    Could you please send us an example (a simple Unity project, where the issue can be reproduced), so we can investigate some more?

    Also some more questions

    • Does this happen only on headsets? Did you manage to reproduce in editor/desktop client?
    • Do I understand correctly, that this does not happen every time you do the action(mute, pause, etc..)? Could you investigate some more on the occasions when it happens?
    • Could you please sumarize all the circumstances when the sound can be heard? The video shows one thing, but before you've mentioned it is also when you mute yourself, the others hear it, and also when joining a session, etc..

    Thank you

  • Hey @chuckyw. I'll also try to reproduce it in your VR sample and if it works, I'll follow up with some downloadable files for you. I can however tell you that during the last meeting with the team, the issue did not occur. So it's definitely not a 100% occurring thing, which is a pity.

    • At the moment, it only occurred on headsets, and we can only confirm it happens in build.
    • When it happens, it happens literally every time whenever someone is in the Oculus menu or took off their HMD. The "AudioSource.volume = 0" solution @Tobias gave was a good alternative for the mute button.
    • Yeah, it didn't happen if you were muting yourself. It did happen if you were muting another person. (Not in our project anymore, because of the AudioSource.volume = 0 solution)

    Another thing I would like to tell you is that I understand from your post you're especially looking at PC VR. This topic is about Android VR (Oculus Quest). Maybe that will help you reproduce the issue.

    If you have any more questions, just ask ahead! Hope this helps a lot.

  • Hey @chuckyw @Tobi

    Hereby a follow-up on the issue. At the moment we haven't experienced this issue anymore and it seems that the reproduction rate of this is really low.

    I've tried reproducing this issue by restarting the Photon Voice sample project with the Photon Fusion bridge 10 times together with someone else. (So creating room, joining room, leaving & destroying room) And we haven't encountered this issue once.

    So now we're going to lower the priority of the issue. If you would like to have access to the project I've made to try to reproduce this issue, just send me a message and we'll arrange something! 👍️

    Thanks for all the support you've given us and we hope the issue magically went away. (Which I highly doubt)

  • Just want to update this issue.

    After a couple of months, we haven't encountered the issue anymore. It could have been an update from our side or from your side.

    So I'll mark this issue as solved.

  • Thanks for the update