OnPremise v5 not setting IP address as public. Errors out.

edited April 2022 in Photon Server

I am trying to use a free version of the OnPremise to test my game in a public IP.

1.) Run PhotonControl.exe

2.) Click sidebar icon

3.) Edit Nameserver.json (actually says "Edit Nameserever.json", spelling error)

4.) Set IpAddress": "XXX.XX.XXX.XX.XX"

5.) Sidebar -> Game Server IPConfig

6.) -> Set Public IP (Its not displaying my ip next to it)

7.) On clicking it, dialog box says OBJECT REFERENCE NOT SET TO AN INSTANCE OF AN OBJECT

8.) Server continues to remain as a local 192.168.....

Why is the setting not working?


  • chvetsov

    hi @sgthale

    well, difficult to say why they are not working. That is sad.

    You can update corresponding setting manually.

    Open GameServer.xml.config in LoadBalancing/GameServer/bin folder.

    Find PublicIPAddress setting and set it to value you need