Can't join a Room immediately after joining Lobby


IsCloudReady check specifically tells that now the runner can join/create a room but when I remove the 2 sec delay the following error occurs

Operation OpJoinRandomOrCreateRoom (225) not called because client is not connected or not ready yet, client state: JoiningLobby

But if IsCloudReady is true then it should be able to create/join room


  • ramonmelo

    Hi @Siddhant ,

    As the error described you are trying to join Game Session (Room) mid the operation of joining a Lobby, which is not possible.

    In the case of a reconnect, which seems to be your case, there is no need to join a Lobby in order to join a Game Session. The IsCloudReady will indeed flag that you are able to do such operations, but they are asynchronous and can take a bit of time to resolve.

    You can just join a Game Session directly, and this should be done in 1 step, by invoking StartGame with the previous Session Name.

    Can you describe what ReconnectNetwork does?

    Please take a look here for more info:


    Ramon Melo

    Photon Fusion Team