Photon PUN2 - Parent Rotate using Transform Scale

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My character controller uses the Transform.scale to determine the direction it is facing (-1 is left and 1 is right.) If my character picks up a weapon the weapon is initially set to the character's rotation, then set as a child object and that is the end of it. The weapon matches the parent rotation from there on as it is now a child object. The important part being that the weapon (child object) transform.scale will always remain at 1 but follows the parent.

This all works great on the local client. However, the child object is not shown as rotating with the parent on other client machines. I have attached both the Photon View and Photon Transform View to the child object and tried using both scale and localScale with no luck. And, writing a script to change the transform.scale to match that of the parent I assume would just reverse the problem so the local machine would display it backwards.

Thanks in advance for your help,