Which package to choose?

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I use Construct 3 and I already have a game that works with in your free package (20  CCU).

I need for my game up to 100 players who played together. Which package to choose?

I see it written Up to 16 Peers per Room What it means? Does that mean I can set the most 16 players together?


  • MaorDany
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    You do not want me to buy a package? Lol.

    No response for a whole day and I also tried to contact you by email?

  • Hi @MaorDany.

    The max CCU counts of the plans are the limits for how many players can be online at the same time across all rooms.

    As a rule of thumb you can estimate that 1 CCU equals roughly 20 daily users and 400 monthly users for the average game. So to select the correct plan I recommend to estimate how much downloads you get and to divide that number through 800. The result should give you a could estimation for how many CCU to expect.

    Note that you require at least the 100 CCU plan, as we do not permit to use the 20CCU in production. The 20CCU plan is only for development purposes.

    Also if you want to make sure that surplus users beyond your plans max CCU are not rejected until you found time to update your plan in case that your game suddenly gets way more successful, then you need to use at least the 500 CCU plan, as only plans with 500 and more CCU include the burst feature that allows you to temporarily go beyond your subscribed CCU.

    Regarding the max players per room you need to wait for my colleagues to answer your email. We can raise this limit on a per appID base after getting contacted about it by email, but I strongly recommend to actually test with the max amount of users per room that you want to support before you go live, as anything beyond about 8-16 users per room requires a lot of optimization in your code in the form of interest management, to keep the message rates reasonable or otherwise you will simply produce way more messages and traffic than your clients and their internet connections can handle (without any optimization the amount of messages increases squared to the amount of users per room!)