Cannot connect to server using Photon Server in China

Hi there,

Our game is about to be published in China and we want to use self hosted Photon Server because of their policy. We tested it on our side with the free 100CCU license and it all worked. We used the Photon's default configurations with the following opened port numbers: 5055, 5056, 5058 and 4520. We just changed the IP address from localhost to our test server's public IP address.

All things worked normally so we sent a build with the server sdk to our publisher in China, using the same configurations, just updated the server IP address to their server's IP address, so they can test the game on their server. But it's weird that the game didn't work on their side.

So what could be problems here? Could the problems be in their port settings or did I do something wrong? Please help me! Thank you!


  • Hello,

    With the provided information It's hard to analyze the issue as it can have a multitude of reasons. Could you send us the Photon logs from their server to [email protected]? Please include logs from both directories: deploy\bin_Win64\log and deploy\log.

    Client logs would also be helpful.