how to make scoreboard for kills

Hi all,

I'm working on a multiplayer fps game in unity using Photon Pun 2. I'm currently trying to implement a scoreboard, and I have all the UI and everything working, right now I just don't know how to do the actual kills data stuff. I think using customplayerproperties is the way to go, but I can't manage to implement it with anything I can find(either I can't make it work or its for pun1). I just need to know how to set the original kills to 0, update the score in Kill function, and Read all the kills for each player in another script for me to update the UI. LMK if you want to see my code, but I'm mainly just looking for the method and don't think it's quite necessary Thanks :)


  • helped by someone in photon discord, I just didn't initialize it properly i think was the main problem