Cloud security?

We are trying to create a network game, where players can connect, and walk around, get weapons and shoot.
I'm skeptical about security. How is security handled? Because probably everyone can just spawn some weapons / prefabs.

What is the process for securing application? Do we need to program a server?
Can anyone describe whole process for secure game.



  • dreamora
    You would in such a case potentially want to create a master client and run that in an environment under your control and only allow that one to spawn new items that can 'imapct the gamestate'
  • Tobias
    You can create an authoritative server and let it handle everything relevant. As Photon (and other servers) don't read scenes from Unity and neither run physics in the same way as Unity does, this is some extra work but worth it for big projects where security is a central concern.

    A variant for that is what Dreamora proposes: Create a special client that's run on your machines and which handles the game state. This is easier and still secure.

    Another alternative is to make all clients contribute to security by checking values of the others.
  • Good point. Thanks