Rigidbody character not syncing well.

I have a ragdoll character with rigidbodies attached to almost every part of the character. The character also has a walking and idle animation. When in the game the the character is fine, but when another person joins then that other character is slowly sinking into the ground and bodyparts fly around. Does anyone have a possible solution?


  • It may be a case where your ragdoll system is running on all characters. In a multiplayer game, it should only run on the character which you control. All other characters are controlled by someone else and should send their state, so your client can show them.

    This is tricky, too, as lag and variable delays will make characters look and behave differently (and later) when they belong to someone else.

    You may need to work on a custom PhotonTransformView or PhotonCharacterView or such.

    I can't even say if Fusion would support this "much better" than PUN. If you like to discuss, I would recommend to join Discord and ask the community in the #fusion channel.