Is there a way to delete a lobby that was created using typeLobby?

I created a lobby using Typelobby but when I use the OnLobbyStatiticsUpdate the old lobby that was created was still in the List<TypeLobbyInfo>. is there a way to remove them?


  • Hi @Dufinn,

    Thank you for choosing Photon!

    Good question.

    There is no way to clean up lobbies currently and no ETA on when we will add this.

    However you can change AppVersion (or AppId or Region) and those will be gone.

    Also sometimes MasterServer is restarted and will result in lobbies clean up.

  • HI, Thank you for your response. How about the AppVersion is there a way to get all the created AppVersion?

  • Hi @Dufinn,

    No, same thing as lobbies.