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Hi there,
I m barely new to photon, and I m moving my project form the unity networking to the PUN, I made some research over the forum to try to find what I m looking for with no succes, I hope this wasn t discussed before, if so please comment up with the link.

so here is my problem,
I m building up a menu for my game with all the connection stuff, so a player can create a game (room) and waites another player to join before beeing able to start, the problem is that when a second player joins the room, the masterPlayer doesn t see him, the "PhotonNetwork.playerList" is not updated and still shows only the masterPlayer, otherwise, the second player sees himself in the room and the masterPlayer.

Am I missing something overthere ?

Thanks for help.


  • That sounds like a bug we fixed recently.
    Please try setting a name for each player. If you didn't use that or any other player-properties, then the list of players wasn't updated.

    Going to be fixed in the next release. But a username is nice to have in any case, I hope.
  • actually its something else, I m editing the PhotonPlayer properties (including the name) and the playerlist is still not updating.

    I tried to set up my own playerlist system, but I m facing another issue and I think that both are related,
    what I m doing is that when player2 joins the game I m sending an RPC with his PhotonPlayer object, but the masterplayer isn t receiving it (no debug), tried with "PhotonTargets.All" parameter to check if the player2 is receiving the RPC and he is !

    I dont know whats going wrong :/
  • I tried to catch wether the masterPlayer can communicate with the joining player, and it isnt ! Sent RPCs from a player to another are not working !!
    (I m sure about the implementation)
    is there something wrong with the cloud service ? can I get kind of a server log with providing my app ID ?

    thanks for your time
  • humm ... I m not going to delete/edit my previous messages so that you can laugh as much as I did, but I m also sorry ! I had a very bad day while dealing with thousands of code lines wich is tiring ^^

    all those issues have been caused by an auxiliary "error control" script containing this line :
    PhotonNetwork.isMessageQueueRunning = false;

    Sorry for the time wasting !
  • :lol:
    Nice one. Glad you found it despite the bad day.
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