my Rooms are not bring displayed to other users when they join lobby.

This is my Rooms ListUpdate Method

public override void OnRoomListUpdate(List<RoomInfo> roomList) {
    foreach(RoomInfo info in roomList) {
      if (info.RemovedFromList) {
        int index = _listing.FindIndex(x => x.RoomInfo.Name == info.Name);
          if (index != -1) {
      } else {
        RoomListing listing = Instantiate(_roomListing, _content);
        if (listing != null) {


  • JohnTube
    JohnTube ✭✭✭✭✭

    Hi @zunaira,

    Thank you for choosing Photon!

    The code looks fine although it's still partial custom code and UI / displaying games is not Photon related really.

    In any case, make sure clients are joining the same lobby.

    Also make sure clients are on the same region, using the same AppId and AppVersion.

  • I have set alll the things.Player come first join server then lobby then create or join room.I have also used the same method in demo project its working fine but here I don't know why its not working fine.

  • We do not debug / analyze your code.

    Make sure all requirements are met as described in the Matchmaking Checklist.

  • Thanks @Tobias , Everything is working fine now. But I am facing a problem that if I play with my devices create room its appears in the roomlist everything works fine, but if someone else like a friend lives far away from me creates a room it don't show me that in the room list.what could be the problem that I am making?

    I am using same app version,appId,region.

  • It's a region problem. Your friend doesn't pick the same region as your clients do.

    Make a development built to test. That will use the "Dev Region" and things should work.

    Check the docs for "Dev Region" for more info.