How to attach PhotonView to gameobject?

Hello. I am a newbie in networking with Photon and I've got a problem. I dont know how to attach this "PhotonView" to a gameobject. :( If I go to "Component / Miscellaneous / ..." I can not find anything with "PhotonView"... there is only a "NetworkView". So, from where do I get this "PhotonView" ? I get everytime this error message: "Namespace 'PhotonView' not found, meybe you forgot to add an assembly reference?" ... and same for "PhotonTargets" and "PhotonPlayer" .... PLEASE HELP :(


  • Tobias
    You might have to re-import the Photon Unity Networking asset from the Asset Store.
    The error you post suggest that the respective classes are missing in your project.
    As newbie, start fresh: Use the Editor to create a "new Project", open it and then import all files from the PUN "free" package.

    This gets you into the basics: ... 0Tutorials