Int[] RPC not working as of 2.35

I have recently updated Photon to 2.35 and all RPCs and functionality are working fine apart from sending an array of ints:

photonView.RPC("SetIDs", user.userPhotonPlayer, allIDs);


public void SetIDs(int[] ids)
Debug.LogError("Received ids: " + ids.Length);

This works from Editor to editor but does not work Android device to Android device. The result from above is that the PunRPC is not received and the Debug.LogError is never called from SetIDs.

When working with Editor (sender) to Android (receiver) the Android device does not receive the RPC, but the editor debug logs that it is successfully sending the RPC. I get a "photon Failed to connect to localhost port 80: Connection refused"

When working from Android (sender) to Editor (receiver) it works fine with no issues.

Could this be an issues with the localhost port 80 or is this an issue with RPC int array??

Thanks for reading!


  • In addition, this only seems to be an issue after we change the scene with photon
  • I'd need to test this.
    It should not act differently in Editor and Android, unless Unity messes this up somehow in the build. In theory, all Editor code should run on most platforms.

    You could try to send the int[] as first item in a new object[]:
    ... new object[] { allIDs });