Which photon type is needed for Javascript multiplayer board game?


I am creating js multiplayer turned based board game..

I need help in choosing right Photon type from following:
  • Photon BOLT
  • Photon Chat
  • Photon Pun
  • Photon Realtime

It would be really helpful to know right type... :)

Thank you!


  • Kaiserludi
    Hi @Ketan_ATA.

    PUN (notably the name is NOT Photon PUN, as the 'P' in PUN already stands for Photon) and Photon Bolt are both only available for Unity.

    Client APIs for Photon Chat and Photon Realtime are both included in the Photon Javascript Client SDK in our download section.

    Photon Chat has been designed for text chat.
    Photon Realtime despite its name does support turn-based games as well.

    So you need to choose Photon Realtime and you might also additionally want to use Photon Chat as well, if you want to have cross-room text-chat in your game.
  • Ketan_ATA
    Hello @Kaiserludi

    Thank you very much for valuable reply!
    Will choose Photon Realtime!

    Thanks again! :)