Room object controller problem when joining new room

Hello everyone.
First of all, i am sorry for my bad english.

Since a week, i found a problem/bug on PUN 2.
I have a scene where there are a lot of photon views. As we know, scene photon views are controlled by the master client.

When i join an existing room (where there is another player who is the master client), i can't control scene photon views. And this is normal.
Next, let's imagine the master client leave the room. I'm now alone, so i become the master client, and the controller of all photon views (yup, i can control them at this moment)
Until there, everything is fine !
Now, i want to leave the room. This is ok, not a problem.
And this is THE bug : i want to create a new room. Fine, i create it. I am now in my new room and I am the master client !
But... all photon views controller are... null... i am not their controller... In inspector, isMine show "false" on EVERY photon views.

PlayerTtl and EmptyRoomTtl are at their default value.
I have the latest version of PUN 2 (v 2.34.1)

So, i really think this is a Photon bug... really annoying and not understandable.

I would like to thanks the person that will help me in advance.


  • if you leave a room and create a room, is it not by default those scene objects supposed to be destroyed at the time of leaving room ?

    I myself use Photon Instantiated object as In-Room communication device, and having Scene Objects Instantiate proper com device onJoinedRoom
  • All of these photon views are not instantiated with "PhotonNetwork.Instantiate". They are already placed in scene. So they have not to be destroyed when leaving room

  • If the scene is load by PhotonNetwork.LoadLevel(), the scene will be unload when leave room.
    I guess you are load the scenes yourself then you also have to manage the timing to unload scenes.
  • The scene im using and where this sort of bug happens is the first scene on load. So no im not using PhotonNetwork.LoadLevel().
    Maybe i should try to unload and reload this same scene when i leave a room ? (i think this is a good solution but will not resolve this kind of "bug")
    Im not at home for a week. I will try this as soon as i can.
    If you have others comment or answers by then, do not hesitate to let me know !