Marco Polo Tutorial Question

Hi. In the Marco Polo Tutorial (
Under the "Fight for Control" section there is this code:
void OnJoinedRoom()
    GameObject monster = PhotonNetwork.Instantiate("monsterprefab",, Quaternion.identity, 0);
	myThirdPersonController controller = monster.GetCompoment<myThirdPersonController>();
	controller.enabled = true;
	myMonsterPv = monster.GetComponent<PhotonView>(); // <<< This line
What is "myMonsterPv's" defined as?,
ive tryed defining it as a gameobject but that gives me an error, and
if i leave it as it is in the code above it gives me an error that "myMonsterPv" is not defined?.


  • Tobias
    It must be a PhotonView.

    The code tells you. Have a look:

    In worst case, the PUN package has the completed Marco Polo Tutorial as source in some folder. Maybe it's a bit different from the tutorial's text here and there but close enough.
  • Thank you Tobias :)!